Monday, March 2, 2009

talking cat complete with pirate patch

Despite the fact that this books sports one of those covers that is clearly meant only for kids (which made reading it at the gym an exercise in more-than-usual embarrassment) I very much enjoyed it. It's a fun, entirely wholesome story for kids ages 7-10.
Little Madeleine lives in Paris and aspires to be a chef, though, working for her Uncle Lard's restaurant has hardly given her the experience she needs. When she stumbles into Madame Pamplemousse's magical food boutique, her career takes an interesting turn, and she unwittingly begins a battle with her Uncle Lard's obese ego.
Like Ratatouille, but all the cool real kitchen facts are traded in for accessibility. And there are no rats. Just a droll, talking cat who dons a pirate patch, named for one of my favorite soft cheeses.

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