Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Battle Royale by Koushun Takami

This is not a book for precocious kids who read up. It's not really a book for kids at all, or at least, I don't think it is intentionally. But I can't imagine that some of the older teens (and adults, too for that matter) who read and loved The Hunger Games would not like this rollicking, bloody, and totally graphic novel of middle school students fighting in a death match. Because who doesn't love a story about kids fighting in a death match? Parents, you say? Bah.
For ages at least 15+, this book may fill the void that
Mockingjay (the last in the Hunger Games trilogy) is leaving in the bloodthirsty pit of YA-reader's souls. Though it's not as cleanly (or expertly) written as Hunger Games (which may be in some part on account of being translated) it's almost as addictive, and for added morbidity, the children in this novel have all known each other for years. What follows is an incredibly violent, bloody and horrible fight to the finish, with the most loving descriptions of brains hanging out of a crushed skull that I am likely to ever read.
And if that's not graphic enough for you, check out the manga version.

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  1. i feel like i'm stalking you today, but: saw the manga edition in the kyoto museum of manga! the english edition was put out by a company lauren worked for for a bit. v. graphic indeed, and also with a slightly different ending. weird.