Monday, April 26, 2010

GUEST BLOGGER: Clare Sabry age 11, on Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games is a great book, and not just for certain people. Anyone can fall in love with the amazing way that Collins can portray the scene so well it makes you feel like you are right there, seeing the characters yourself. Fast-paced and dynamic, this book can fall under many categories. You really get to know the characters. And I find the plot is so fresh you want to read it again and again, soaking up all that you can of this tantalizing story.
I've read it 16 times, and I've noticed that it's really well put together, no changing or repeating facts, or forgetful sentences. It's almost perfectly thought out.There's so much you can take away from this book. I found that every time that I or someone else reads it, there is something new that I never saw before. Something amazing! For example, I recently noticed that the world in which it takes places is much like ancient Rome: the districts, the names of the people, and even the games themselves, giving a great realistic touch to an otherwise purely fictional book. Also, the pure realism of the characters: brave Katniss sacrificing herself for her sister. Sweet Prim, who at age 12 has had to deal with the loss of her and Katniss's father, and the fact that their kind of survival is sadly and stunningly rare. Charming Peeta, whose every word so convincingly pure he has the whole country hanging on his every move. And every other person, real, living, breathing.


  1. That's an awesome review! Clare says it better than I ever could (are you sure she's eleven? i think she's lying, you should check her driver's license), though I just want to add that I forced my boyfriend to read the Hunger Games and now he's good and hooked on Catching Fire. yay, hunger games!

  2. woo, Iain reading Hunger Games!

    and yes, Clare really IS 11. Hard to believe, but true. I was talking to Rich about this review, and he figured I'd given her the ancient Rome comparison, but that was something she actually brought up on her own, and was a reading I'd never considered. At all. I did make her put it in the review though. The extent of my influence here: "Put that thing you said about Rome in. Talk about why it's special to you. We're gonna call it "ancient" Rome, not just Rome." and then actually typing it in.

    Clare is smarter than me.